Terms & Conditions for our Cat Sitting Services

  • 1. These terms and conditions take effect from 13th July 2020 and replace all terms and conditions and documentation whatsoever previously published by or on behalf of Ms. Margaret Kenny and Miss Alexandra Bremner trading as “Sitting Kitty Ltd”, relating to the care and welfare of any acceptable cat.

  • 2.  No variation of these terms and conditions shall be acceptable to or binding upon Sitting Kitty Ltd unless agreed and confirmed in writing prior to entering into this agreement.


  • 3. Sitting Kitty Ltd undertake to visit the clients’ cats in their home, and will feed the cat with food as agreed with the cat’s owners. Visits shall be made once per day in agreement with, and charged to, the Client. Twice daily visits may be agreed with clients whose cats are in need of twice daily medication only. All reasonable attempts to feed the animal with pre-agreed foodstuffs will be carried out but ultimately the choice of menu will be at the discretion of Sitting Kitty Ltd

  • 4. The client shall provide the cat/s regular food, medication and supplements. If a litter tray is used then adequate supply of litter and cleaning materials and dustbin liners must be provided.

  • 5. The client shall furnish Sitting Kitty Ltd with a full explanation of the cat’s lifestyle and habits, tastes, likes, dislikes, idiosyncrasies, preferences etc. And shall be responsible for advising Sitting Kitty Ltd of the cats behaviour, temperament and medical history and current medical needs.

  • 6. Should a cat appear unwell, Sitting Kitty Ltd shall assume responsibility for referring any cat in its care to a veterinary surgeon and the owner shall accept liability for any veterinary, or other associated costs submitted in connection therewith. Sitting Kitty Ltd will make every effort to use the cat/s own veterinary Practice, however if this is not possible another practice will be used. These visits are not usually charged unless it takes an excessive amount of time or multiple visits are required.

  • 6A Under no circumstances shall Sitting Kitty Ltd be liable in any way whatsoever for the deterioration of any existing / diagnosed condition of any cat (s) in its care. All expenses / veterinary costs (including costs of prescription drugs or any other medication) are solely the responsibility of the owner.

  • 7. Sitting Kitty Ltd shall not be liable for the loss or death of any cat under its custody caused by any action other than the direct action of Sitting Kitty Ltd personnel. In any event, Sitting Kitty Ltd. liability in respect of loss or death of a cat shall be restricted to the monetary value of such animal.

  • 8. Sitting Kitty Ltd shall use its best endeavours to care for the client’s cat in the most effective manner possible, but shall not be liable to the client in respect of any loss caused by latent defect in food or other material provided for the cats welfare.


  • 9. The cat owners shall provide Sitting Kitty Ltd with one full SPARE SET of keys to the client’s property together with instructions on the operation of the burglar alarm or other security system/s. The client should ensure that all doors/windows that need to be opened are in good repair and that locks are in good working order. Sitting Kitty Ltd will not be liable for any breach of the client’s home security due to poorly maintained or ill-fitting locks and doors. Should Sitting Kitty Ltd be unable to access the property due to defective keys a £25 charge will be immediately added to the bill to cover time and inconvenience as well as any additional costs such as a locksmith.

  • 10. If you do not wish us to hold your keys, Sitting Kitty Ltd can return them to you through your letterbox whilst out on our rounds once any outstanding charges have been settled. Charges will be incurred if an appointment is required. If the client requests the keys to be left in a communal hall, this is at the client’s own risk.

  • 11. For subsequent bookings if the keys to your property have been returned, then they shall be delivered by the client to Sitting Kitty Ltd at least two working days prior to the first visit.


  • 12. The client shall be liable for payment of Sitting Kitty Ltd fees for welfare visits and also the cost of food, vets’ bills or any other accounts incurred on the cats’ business.

  • 13. All accounts and charges are payable 48 hours before the start of a booking. Payment details will be provided at the registration visit.

  • 14. Sitting Kitty Ltd reserve the right to charge interest on all unpaid invoices calculated at base rate plus 8% per month from the date of the first visit. (Late Payment act 1998).

  • 15. Sitting Kitty Ltd shall make all reasonable endeavours to locate adequate parking facilities close to the client’s property The client should leave parking permits or appropriate amount of cash for parking. In the event of incurring any excessive parking penalties necessitated by the need to make a welfare visit, the client shall accept liability for the same.

  • 16. Prices and costs, except where quoted by Sitting Kitty Ltd as covering a specified period are subject to revision at any time in the event of any increase in costs caused by circumstances beyond Sitting Kitty Ltd. control, and Sitting Kitty Ltd reserve the right to charge any such revised prices. Christmas bookings need to be accompanied by a 50% deposit which is nonrefundable. Please see “Notes for New Customers” as supplied with this contract on cancellation policy.

  • 16A For prices please see supplementary paperwork or Rates & Bookings page on the website.

Bookings / Cancellations

  • 17. The client agrees to give Sitting Kitty Ltd 48 hours’ notice minimum of each booking and 36 hours notice for a cancellation, where cancellations are made after this time a small administration fee of £15 will be charged.


  • 18. The clients will be responsible for ensuring adequate buildings, contents and property owners liability insurance for any property which Sitting Kitty Ltd shall be required to visit. Such insurance shall cover the risk of damage caused by the cats whilst left unaccompanied in the property.

  • 19. Sitting Kitty Ltd, although fully insured against employers’ liability and public liability risks, shall counter claim against the client or householder in the event of any claims arising for breakages caused whilst the cat is being cared for by Sitting Kitty Ltd.


  • 20. Sitting Kitty Ltd personnel will make all reasonable efforts to make their visits at regular intervals. The exact timing of visits will be at the discretion of Sitting Kitty Ltd.

  • 21. Sitting Kitty Ltd personnel shall be discreet at all times and shall make every effort to make their visits as quiet and as un-noticeable as possible.

  • 22. Sitting Kitty Ltd shall be under no liability if it shall be unable to carry out any provision of the contract for any reason beyond its control, including, without limiting the foregoing, any act of God, legislation, pandemic, war, fire, drought, failure of power supply, lockouts, strike, or any action taken by employees or owing to any liability to procure materials required for the performance of the contract. During the continuance of any such contingency the client may, by written notice to Sitting Kitty Ltd, elect to suspend the contract and make alternative arrangements for the care and well being of their cat/s.

I regularly use Sitting Kitty and find them so efficient and friendly to deal with. I know my cats (one who needs daily medication) are always looked after and the team send me updates to let me know what’s happening if I’m away, as well as suggesting new food ideas if they see one of them is ever ‘off’ their food or if my stocks run low! Would not hesitate to recommend them!
April Hutchinson