Covid 19 Guidelines

At this unsettling time, we want to reassure you that we are doing all we can to protect the health of you and our colleagues. This along with the well-being and happiness of your cats is always our top priority and will continue to remain so. We have used this time to research guidelines from both ICC (International Cat Care) and CFSG (Canine and Feline Sector Group).

What to expect from us

  • We will wear masks and gloves at all times when in your house. The gloves will be changed after each visit to ensure no cross contamination.
  • We will ensure that all areas & surfaces we have used when we have been to feed your cat have been wiped clean. We would be most appreciative if you could leave your preferred gel, wipes and spray out for us near your cat’s food etc.
  • We will ensure that we remove all rubbish pertaining to your cat, however we will not be able to empty your other bins.

What we ask from you

  • At this time we would ask you to place all cat food, treats, bowls, bin bags, dustpan and brushes, anti bacterial wipes and spray out in clear view near where your cat is fed. Also please ensure that all your cat’s items and work surfaces and door handles have been wiped down with anti bacterial wipes before you leave.
  • If possible, please keep the inner doors leading to the room where your cat and it’s food and litter is open for us and keep all other doors closed at this time so that we can easily locate your cat whilst minimising contact with the rest of your house.
  • If your litter tray is on a different floor or room to your cat’s food, would you at this time, move it to the same room. This will help us to avoid touching parts of your home unnecessarily.

Under current guidelines it is advised that we touch minimal items whilst in your home including our phones. So for the moment we will be unable to send photos of your cats.

Please would you pay your balance in full online via bank transfer 48hrs before you leave for your trip. If you need to cancel after that time we will charge a minimal cancellation fee of £15

sitting kitty princess cat
contented Sitting Kitty cat