Cat Care Hints & Tips

Please find below a list of information, handy cat care hints and tips that we’ve learned over the years of owning and caring for cats and kittens. We hope you find them useful. There is also a list of helplines and websites for sick, lost or found cats.

Stressed & anxious cats

Cats are creatures of habit and can get easily stressed when their routine is not as they would like. If this sounds like your feline friend, there are a couple of products that can be very helpful.

Feliway is a pheromone plug in or spray that is a synthetic copy of the feline facial pheromone used by cats to mark their territory as safe and secure. Plug this in a couple of days before you leave to help your cat relax when they see the dreaded suitcases appear.

There is also capsule available called Zylkène this can be also be used on a more short-term basis, to help in stressful situations. It is broken open and put over food therefore easy to administer.

Your vet will be able to give you advice if you feel the above mentioned may be of benefit your cat.

If your cat goes missing

Cats do have a habit of wandering off in their own independent way, but we know their habits and can tell when they are not home when they should be. If you think your cat has gone missing we have some tried and tested ways that have worked for us in the past. Firstly, it is vital your cat is micro chipped, this is the easiest way for you to be reunited with your cat. A vet can read this chip and instantly know the address, email and phone number of the owner.

Dropping a leaflet through the letterboxes of your local area and placing on lamp posts can be very successful. Make sure to add a picture, stating any identifying marks your cat has and when it went missing. Ask people to check sheds and garages, particularly in the warmer months. Make sure to put your contact details, email and phone number

You can also contact rescue centres to see if your cat has been brought in (see our list of organisations on this page) There are also several companies online who will raise awareness of your missing cat. Sitting Kitty is also very happy to post a picture and details on our Facebook page.

Don’t give up hope, cats can disappear for several days and sometimes weeks particularly in good weather, and turn up unharmed.

Found a cat or kitten?

If the cat will let you near him, place a paper collar on him with a note saying “ If this is your cat, please call or email…” If you do not hear anything within 24 hours the cat is most likely a stray.

If you are able, then take the cat to your local vet to see if it is microchipped.

Contact the RSPCA and local shelters (see our list of organisations on this page) to see if any cat fitting the description has been reported missing.

You could also put up notices in newsagents and on lampposts in your local area, but not giving all the details of the cat, so that you can ascertain that the caller is the genuine owner when they are able to fill in the missing details.

Poisonous substances for cats

Signs of poisoning can be any of the following: not eating, vomiting, depression, salivating, convulsions and thirst. If you are worried at all, you should immediately contact your vet, do not try to make your cat vomit unless instructed to by your vet. If the skin or fur is contaminated, then wash it with a mild shampoo and water. Below we have listed some of the more common toxins.


All parts of the lily are toxic to cats, and ingestion of even a small part can cause severe kidney failure. As cats like to keep themselves clean, even a small amount of pollen dropped onto their fur can be lethal when ingested through washing. Seasonally, Poinsettia is also mildly toxic . If you want to know of any other toxic plants, there is a list available at

Cat Flea Treatments

Permethrin found in dog spot on flea treatments is dangerous to cats, it is imperative to use spot on treatments that are specifically for cats and to ensure your cat does not groom other animals in your household that may have had treatment with Permethrin.


Those that contain Phenol (which usually turn cloudy when water is added) are dangerous as a cat can not eliminate the toxins from its body once ingested.


Often contains ethylene glycol or methanon, which is toxic to cats. Your cat would be most likely to find this in garden water features in the winter, as it is used to stop them freezing over.

Human Pain Killers

Paracetamol and Ibuprofen must never be given as a form of pain relief – just one tablet can cause a severe reaction.

Coping with the loss of a cat or pet

Anyone who considers a pet a beloved companion, best friend or family member can recognize the intense grief that accompanies the loss of that furry friend. Your pet was a significant and constant part of your life. They were a constant source of comfort and companionship, unconditional love and acceptance, and fun and joy.

It is completely normal to feel devastated by the loss of that relationship. People who have not experienced the bond of a pet may not understand your grief but your feelings are valid and they may be extremely painful – they are however, completely normal and you are not alone, thousands of pet owners have gone through this grieving process. These are some links that we have found helpful:

Cat or kitten home for life

Finally…..If you are worried about what may happen to your precious friend after your death, the RSPCA operate a home for life scheme

Fitted cat flaps

Micro Chip catflaps have become more and more popular and are particularly useful if intruders and strays are a problem. Why not try a microchip catflap? As this works directly from your cat’s microchip there is no worry about collars being lost.

The most popular on the market are Pet Porte by PetSafe, and Sure Flap

Looking for someone to fit a catflap for you? Sitting Kitty recommends Michael Watson who is very experienced at fitting flaps in all kinds of awkward spaces! You can contact him via his website:

Helpful organisations:
Lost pets line: T: 020 7627 9245
Advice line : 0300 1234 555
Tel: 03000 12 12 12
Tel: 0208 694 6545 (Lewisham Branch)
Tel: 01432 266 900 (helpline)
Facebook page to post if you’ve lost your cat or are searching for one.
Tel: 01296 336 579
If your cat is microchipped it will probably be registered with this company or Indentichip (shown below in this list)

If your cat is microchipped it will probably be registered with this company or Petlog (shown above in this list)
Helpful advice about Cat poisons should your cat seem unwell.
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