About Our Sitting Kitty Cat Sitters

Why choose Sitting Kitty for your cat care?

We are the feline friendly alternative to a cattery. Your furry cat and kitten friends can stay in the comfort of their own home whilst you are away, safe in the knowledge that Sitting Kitty provides exceptional cat sitting care.

Sitting Kitty is a longstanding, limited company  and we pride ourselves on providing a professional, trustworthy and dependable service. We are fully insured and are members of international Cat Care (formerly the Feline Advisory Bureau).

Both Maggie and Alex take their cat sitter responsibilities seriously and have DBS (formally Criminal Records Bureau) checks and any carers they employ are subject to the same rigorous security and safety checks.

We have been using Sitting Kitty for the last 5 years. They provide a fantastic service, are totally reliable and are lovely team of people. We always recommend them and most importantly our cats love them!

Joanne Tuckey

Understanding Cat Care Medication

Over the years we have become very adept at recognising some of the more common ailments that affect cats. We have also gained in depth experience in nursing cats with more long term conditions such as: Hyperthyroidism, heart conditions, lymphoma, tumours, diabetes, kidney problems, asthma, allergies, special dietary requirements and we also provide palliative care.

Given the above, we are very comfortable with all kinds of medications: pills, inhalers, injections and medicines in liquid form, we have even administered Subcutaneous Fluids to a cat with chronic kidney disease.

We understand the responsibility of caring for a cat that requires consistent care such as the strict timings for administering insulin and have an understanding of the types of cat medication most commonly prescribed.

Insulin injection administered by Sitting Kitty staff

Cat Feeding & Litter Trays

The diet of your cat whilst you are away is something we pay special attention to. How your cat is feeding is a good guide to the overall wellbeing of your cat. We ensure clean, fresh cat food is placed on every visit. Our team keep an eye to see that your cat is feeding appropriately. We also ensure there is plenty of fresh water so that your cat stays hydrated.

We also clean litter trays on each visit and dispose of the waste responsibly.

cats being fed by sitting kitty

Background and Experience as Cat Sitters

Maggie Kenny has owned and run Sitting Kitty since 2003. Alex Bremner joined as a full time partner in 2015, after eight years of caring for cats with Sitting Kitty on a part time basis. Their combined wealth of knowledge, experience and love of all things to do with cats and kittens is a testament to the long-standing success of Sitting Kitty.

We’ve been using Maggie & Alex for some years now. They’ve always given us a faultless service & we totally recommend them.

Michelle Brackenborough


Maggie worked in the fashion industry for fifteen years before realising that the job was not fulfilling her. Having always loved and owned cats she turned her attention to a career that would involve caring for and working with these furry felines.

Maggie’s life is now greatly enriched by cats, currently having six of her own and caring for the Sitting Kitty cats. She has also volunteered at Battersea Dogs & Cats Home, preparing cats for rehoming and as a consequence Maggie has a wealth of knowledge and expertise in cat care.

With the growth of the business, it is very important to Maggie that she retains the personal touch with her well-loved and loyal customers, so it seemed natural for her to ask Alex who knows both the cats and the business to join her as a partner.

happy sitting kitty cat in bath


Alex started working for Sitting Kitty in 2007 after Maggie cared for her cat Shadow, who she had rehomed as no one else would take this traumatised and abused boy.

At the time Alex was studying for her certificate in Therapeutic Counselling and found caring for the cats a welcome break from the stresses of counselling sessions. Although Alex still works voluntarily as a bereavement counsellor, she finds that cats are a lot less stressful and was overjoyed to join Maggie as a partner in 2015.

Alex now has two cats of her own; Apollo and Sweetpea. Brother and sister, Alex found them at a local cat shelter and knew she could offer the care and love these nervous and shy siblings needed.

happy Sitting Kitty cat


Steph came to us serendipitously after her mother, Sharon, a long standing client and Sitting Kitty assistant moved to Egypt. Steph is a perfect fit for Sitting Kitty as it has been her lifelong ambition to work with animals.

In 2015 she decided after 10 years of working in the restaurant industry to go back to studying full time with the ambition to become a Zoo Keeper, she enrolled at Capel Manor College to study Animal Management. This has given Steph a wide range of experience in working with many different species and will give her the points required to study Animal Science at university.

Many of your cats will have already met Steph as she currently works for us on Sundays and helps us during the busy holiday periods.

Sitting Kitty Cat

Together, Maggie , Alex and Steph have a unique and varied experience with both cats and life!

Maggie Signature
Alex signature
I’ve used Sitting Kitty at least monthly for the last 20 years and can’t recommend them highly enough – they absolutely adore cats and look after them fabulously when I’m away.

S Lowrie