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Maggie also makes bespoke cat collars (also dog collars, guitar straps, belts and bag handles) Your music festival wrist bands can also be made into cat collars!

The cat collar is 10mm wide and can have a variety of ribbons, webbing colours and accessories. The collar is a breakaway collar as recommended by International Cat Care, the go to for anything cat related!

Unfortunatley, although I have five cats myself they have proved to be rubbish models.....

The cat collars are adjustable from approx 18cm to 28cm but please ask if you require an extra small or an extra large collar.

Check out the 10mm webbing and the 10mm and 15mm ribbons for the cat collar.  You can also choose your break away buckle and adjuster buckle and add a charm and bell if required.  Check out the Paxton & Morris website.

The cost of a cat collar is £10


One complete Cropredy Festival band will make a cat collar to fit up to 25cm neck (I managed to slip this one off my wrist so did not need to cut it.) I can however use more than one and use the bits and pieces you have. Just email me and we can discuss the design.

The fastener is a breakaway safety buckle as recommended by International Cat Care.and you can choose from the selection on the cat collar components page.

For this collar I have used sparkly ribbon to block out the festival emergency number but there are a number of different options.

It comes complete with a bell to let those birds know your cat is coming for them......

Cat collar cost is £10

Festival Cat Collars