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"Bear may look like a silver tabby (with a few ginger bits), but he is actually three-quarters sphynx, as his Dad was a completely hairless sphynx cat and his Mum the product of a sphnx and a domestic short hair.

He's almost eight now. He still loves his cardboard boxes (almost as much as his prawns) and has thankfully eased up on the live 'presents' recently.

Maggie and co have been looking after Bear since he was a kitten. It's lovely to know that when you go away, there's someone looking after your little creature who loves them as much as you do. "

Caroline, Clapham

If you would like to re-home some of your own very rewarding ex-battery hens, then click on the link below to the British Hen Welfare Trust.

This is Korma a few weeks after we picked her up, her feathers are starting to grow back....

Although our expertise is firmly based in cat care, we are very happy to take care of other small pets. Our knowledge of rabbits, gerbils, rats, mice and all sorts of fish has increased greatly over the years. We have even administered antibiotics to a dwarf hamster - quite a feat of precision!

In recent years there has been a surge in Londoners owning chickens and our very own Maggie has also been a part of the rise of the urban chicken. After much reading and research she acquired several ex-battery hens which has led to a love and knowledge in the care of these birds. From Stockholm tar to mash and pellets – we are now happy to say that we can comfortably and confidently care for your chickens too!

Chickens & Small Pet Care


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