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All cat owners know that feeling when your cat curls up in your suitcase as you're packing, the big eyes following you around or just the haughty turn of the head as you walk out the door.

SITTING KITTY is here to provide you with a stress free option - no cat boxes or car trips. We will visit your cat daily in their own home and ensure they get the care they require in an environment that they know and love.

The stars of this website are Maggie and Alex's very own feline & feathered friends, past and present.

"We have used Sitting Kitty for about as long as it's been running and absolutely love them: helpful, attentive, caring and sensitive to the needs of each individual cat.  In fact, we would go so far as to say that our cats are so well looked after while we are away that we suspect they might be slightly annoyed when we come home again!"

Vanessa & Steve, Battersea

We are a guilt free alternative to a cattery