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The stars of this website are Maggie and Alex's very own feline & feathered friends, past and present.

"We have used Sitting Kitty for about as long as it's been running and absolutely love them: helpful, attentive, caring and sensitive to the needs of each individual cat.  In fact, we would go so far as to say that our cats are so well looked after while we are away that we suspect they might be slightly annoyed when we come home again!"

Vanessa & Steve, Battersea

We continue to be one of the few, small, independent, dedicated cat care companies.

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Sitting Kitty are a small but highly experienced team of animal lovers. As there are only three of us in our team you can be assured that your cat care is not subcontracted out to a stranger. After 15 years in business we have handled every kind of difficult situation and emergency with a calm approach and we are skilled in administering all kinds of medication including, injections, sub cutaneous fluids and inhalers. Our local vet knows us personally and will do all they can to accommodate last minute appointments for cats in our care, should the need arise.